Wednesday, November 20, 2013

sign: SISTER , thankful Little Fingers has a SISTER! What are you thankful for this season?

This year Little Fingers is thankful she has
her little SISTER,Tiny Fingers, to spend Thanksgiving with! I'm extremely happy to have two happy and healthy kids! What are you thankful for?

ASL for sister

(Don't forget- when you're signing people signs below the nose is female, above the nose is male. Just a little reminder).

This is our first Thanksgiving Thankful giveaway. Tell us one thing you are thankful for below (in a comment) and you get one chance to win! Share this status on Facebook and comment on Facebook and get a second chance to win! We are giving away a Signing Time DVD for our first giveaway. 
The winner will be notified via this blog and on Facebook. It is their responsibility to email us within 24 hours to provide us an address to mail the prize. Good luck!

Signing Time Rachel and the Treeschoolers sale
Rachel & The TreeSchoolers New Release!! Flash Sale!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Q is for QUEEN

Q is for QUEEN

To sign QUEEN: make a Q and put on the top corner of your chest around your shoulder and go do on a diagonal to the bottom of your torso .. QUEEN (like the her sash!)

Trying something new - what do you think of the signed pictures?!?

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

letter of the week: N!

Letter of the week is N

I'm going to reuse the sign GRANDMOM because I called my grandmother 'nan' :)

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Letter of the week: M

Letter of the week M!

M for ME, ME, ME (from the Signing Time song on television commercials, my daughter loves that family song " ... and then there's ME ME ME"

Thursday, September 20, 2012

F is for FRIEND

F is for FRIEND. of Lil's favorite song "Let's be FRIENDS" from Baby Signing Time

Thursday, August 23, 2012

some B words Ms Little Finger says/signs for B week!

I was looking back at some B signs that Ms Little Fingers says and / or signs.

1. BABY - this was a quick given. She love loves her BABY Signing Time videos so much that BABY was an early on sign (and word). Our former post on BABY

           2. BALL - she is also able to say and sign. She loves her BALL play! Problem is ... so does the dog so we have to be very careful he shares nice! Our former post on BALL

3. BANANA - another sign/word she has. She loves her BANANAS! It's not often she says "BA-NA-NA" but she can surely sign it and say "nana!". Good enough for me! Check out our first post on BANANA.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

sign: TEACHER for What's the Sign Wednesday. .. get ready for school!

TEACHER - what an important sign for such important people! I am not a TEACHER but considered one quite frequently. Well perhaps .. I do teach sign language but in the schools I am a speech-language pathologist and value the need for great TEACHERS. 

To all the TEACHERS getting their classrooms together this week or who started school this week - Thank you!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

sign: BOY for Letter B week

Today's sign is BOY for B week.
(think of the brim of a baseball hat)

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

sign: SISTER for What's the Sign Wednesday!

Well it doesn't start with A but SISTER is a great choice for What's the Sign Wednesday! 

My sister & me! My best friend :)

SISTER - now there's a tip I always provide in my classes (family signs from the nose down = female; nose up = male), 

the sign SISTER is a little tricky for some without seeing it. And there's variations depending on regions. One way (like in the picture) is what I called "L's to L's" Your dominant hand has the handshape of L and your nondominant hand is an L as well (just sideways).
ASL for sister

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

sign: CLOWN for What's the Sign Wednesday

We laughed the whole time taking these photos - that's why there's two ... it just looked so funny! In essence, the sign is as easy as the CLOWN's nose!

Thank you Facebook fans for the What's the Sign Wednesday suggestions - keep them coming!


Friday, June 8, 2012

sign: DAUGHTER (a sign we learned in class last night)

Last night started our Families Signing Together class and we had a great time! I thought I'd share a sign from our class. I chose DAUGHTER because I guess I'm bias (I have a DAUGHTER). It is something I would not sign with my 15 month old currently, but in the Families Signing Together class with parents and children around ages 8, 10, and 12 - it was appropriate :)
DAUGHTER: The Sign GIRL and BABY(but BABY is modified - it doesn't have the sway in the rocking BABY motion).
We signed  BABY before - check it out here!

Here's my DAUGHTER teaching herself to...

... use a shape sorter her own way!

... use her toys as stepping stools! (that me pointing NO)

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

sign: SPEECH for Miss. Speechie's thoughts on Better SPEECH hearing month

As previously mentioned (click here), it's Better Speech and Hearing Month. If I were in charge, I would call it Better Communication Month. But in honor of BSHM, I welcome Miss Speechie and her thoughts on BSHM. So today's sign SPEECH THERAPIST (not that we like the term 'speech therapist' but it does the job).

It is that time of year again, May Better Speech and Hearing Month (BSHM)!  As a speech-language pathologist working in a public school, I work with numerous students with a variety of needs.  BSHM comes at a time of year when students are questioning "Why am I here?"  Teachers are also questioning at this time "How is that helping my students?"  I like to use BSHM as a time to reach out to my colleagues to make sure they are utilizing the strategies for the students in the classroom.  I remind students of their individual goals (those old enough to ask, are typically old enough to comprehend).  We reflect on the activities and strategies we have learned throughout the year.  We also self monitor progress and discuss what we still need to work on in speech.  I think it is important to remind students, colleagues, administrators, and parents the importance of speech and language skills and their impact on the classroom.  I feel BSHM is a great time to do so!  The more that understand and support what we do, the better the outcome for our students!  Feel free to check out my blog at  There you will find resources such as RTI strategies, data collection forms, and a teacher update form.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

sign: WHEN for WHEN do we use sign

An update: WHEN do we sign?

compliments of
WHEN: non-dominant pointer finger stays still while the other dominant hand finger 
makes a circle around and down to it.

Ms. Little Fingers is 13 months old now. She's saying some words, climbing up and down any stairs, walking all over, eating whatever we give her (most of the time) and trying to say whatever we say. So .. we up the ante with our signs quite a bit!

Here's some times and ways we're signing...

1. wake up with our good morning song so I sign GOOD MORNING to Ms. Little Fingers

2. then we move on to DIAPER (no DIAPER DANCE song - she's too tired to hear that up-edy beep-bop song!). I vary it also signing POTTY and POOP. (She's already pooped on the potty twice so I try to introduce it when possible).

3. We continue using EAT, MORE, DRINK and MILK after she's dressed in her high chair. 

4. We've added CEREAL in the high chair scene.

5. We dance and sing in the car to the babysitter's - don't ask but true - yes, we dance in the car. Let me tell you she has rhyme! When she's excited she signs and says BABY - she's just funny like that :) (And no I don't sign in the car typically to her - there's enough other things going on!)

6. When the work day is over, and the weather is nice, we take a ride in her beloved CAR. We sign CAR

7. But if it's really nice, we sign WALK, grab the dog and take a stroll. 

8. Dinner time brings back the MILK, EAT/FOOD, MORE and ALL DONE (which is signs and says now!).

9. Now she loves adventures in the kitchen. She loves getting into things she shouldn't be in but the great thing is when I say/sign THANK YOU and put my hand  out to her and she gives it to me. 

10. During play, DADDY and I sign DADDY and MOMMY

11. The night ends with tubby time. BATH and DUCK join our tub scene. We bring in the BUBBLES sometimes too.

12. But our night ends with DIAPER and BOOK. She points to the BOOKS she wants me to grab off her book shelf as I get her ready for bed and she stands on her changing pad. 

These are just some of the times. I know there's other times but we'll leave it at this for now. How about you? When do you use sign?

Thursday, April 19, 2012

sign: WOMAN Come meet us at the Burlington County WOMEN'S expo

Today's sign is WOMAN because this Saturday I am hosting a table at the Burlington County WOMEN'S Expo at Burlington County College. We're pretty excited about it - having some great giveaways, discounted deals on some awesome products!

Check out this great event (click here!) 

This two part sign is easy! First part is just MOM and the second
part is the same handshape just down to the sternum! WOMAN

Hope you see you there!

Friday, April 13, 2012

BROWN BEAR story part 1

Today's post is compliments of Judy G. on Facebook
It's a 3 parter!

Now the best part! ... Here's a quick worksheet matching the color with the signs! Enjoy!

Find the worksheet here. (Please let me know if it doesn't work. Also - let me know what you think of it! Thanks!)

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

sign: BABY for Supporting the March of Dimes Walk!

I am very proud to support my cousin's team, Jack Attack, for the March of Dimes Walk again this year so today's sign is BABY. 

This sign means a lot to me as Little Fingers is my first BABY, I understand the challenges some face trying to conceive, I work with infants and toddlers who need medical attention, and now Lil is saying and signing BABY - which is just the icing on the cake.   
Please don't forget to go check out Team Jack Attack and support an awesome cause! 

It's amazing how even the littlest donation can go such a long way. 

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

sign: DADDY

Obviously if we talked about MOMMY a while (Click Here) we must mention DADDY!

DADDY plays his role too! He gives the tubby time, he feeds her when I'm doing homework... He wakes up on one of the weekend morning to let me have one morning to sleep. He taught her the sign MILK (click here). He got her trying to say 'two' when he counts her snaps on her onsie when changing her. Yah for DADDY!

Last week he taught her how to say 'baby.' He reinforces all signs I ask him to sign with her ;)

One of the more important things recently, he helped me maintain my sanity last week when we took Lil off the bottle! She was a trooper  ... I was a stress ball! (haha). He was strong though.

compliments of Sign2Me

Friday, March 23, 2012

sign: DOCTOR & MEDICINE- Lil's too happy to go to the DOCTOR

We went to the DOCTOR'S last month when she had the croup and ear infection. And well, see for yourself- she's much too interested in the room.

She wanted to play with the equipment and walk all over the table... It ended with her getting MEDICINES.

We had to go back a couple weeks ago for a minor rash and here she is playing again! I tell ya - I wish I had her pain tolerance! And again - she was given MEDICINE.

Some children don't respond well at all to the doctor. This is where sign language can help those young children (and toddlers) or children with various special needs because you can use the sign when you're talking about going to the doctor as a visual reinforcing schedule so they gain understand better with the use of sign language as their visualize.

Compliments of Sign2Me

This sign in case you can't see it is as follows: the dominant hand's middle finger is shaking on the open palm of the non-dominant hand.

How are your children at the DOCTORS? I feel very fortunate Lil's so good at the DOCTOR'S office.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

sign: CHILDREN - Helping CHILDREN's Hospital of New Jersey

Today's sign is CHILDREN in hopes to reach out to others to help CHILDREN in need. 

CHILDREN'S Hospital of New Jersey created this awesome concept Building Blocks. Building Blocks was created as a way to raise money to create a home away from home for families with ill or injured children that are staying at the CHILDREN'S Hospital of NJ. 

One of my favorite parts that caught my eye:
"WHY WE'RE DOING IT: Imagine that you have a child in the hospital and you don’t want to leave their side for long. Maybe you don’t have bus fare or a car to drive back and forth. All you want is a place to shower or a warm bed to sleep in. We want to remodel an entire floor in our now vacant nursing dorm to give these families a home away from home." (compliments of 

For more information about the hospital and their hopes to help others please visit here. With my very small donation, I was able to leave a lasting impression on the CHILDREN at Newark Beth
Need more information?  check out this video. They also started this great blog! (Click here)

I don't live very close, but moments like this matter and I will do what I can to help the CHILDREN in need.

Another two-part sign! CHILDREN

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